Tiny Love Black & White Gymini

Tiny Love

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2-in-1 playmat with adjustable arches for more play modes. A world of wonder awaits!
  • Uniquely Designed 2-in-1 Baby Activity Mat with Adjustable Arches Provides an Adaptable Environment for Baby's Continued Growth and Development
  • Electronic Bird Toy with Engaging Lights & Music Feedback, Including 30 Minutes of Music and 20 Different Tunes, Can Also Be Used as an Adorable Take-Along
  • Selection of Soft Black & White Dolls and Various Activities Will Keep Baby Engaged and Happy
  • Open Arches Mode Offers Baby a Whole New Perspective on Things
  • The Gymini's Various Features Have Been Carefully Conceived to Support Babies 7 Developmental Wonders, Including Motor Skills, Visual and Auditory Cognition, and the Senses
  • Part of the Black & White Collection! Sharing Those Special Moments of Wonder with Baby


Age Tips

0+ M
The gym’s contrasting black & white colors, textures and sounds stimulate baby’s senses from day one. Be sure to hang the soft mobile at around 25 cm from baby's face, and let them enjoy its simple black-and-white geometric shapes, which were especially designed to help stimulate newborns’ vision.
0-2+ M
Move the adjustable arches into the open position and enjoy some quality bonding time with your baby, enjoying playing together and connecting while encouraging development. Show baby the various activities, talk about the characters in simple sentences ("Here's Marie the hedgehog!") or simply enjoy some precious eye-to-eye contact and communicating with your little one.
2-4 M 
Place the Gymini’s soft book in front of baby while in the tummy time position. The book was created with unique contrasting graphic elements, such as the image of the circle within a circle, which attract and engage babies’ attention.This will help baby stay in tummy time for longer periods of time.
3-5 M
Introducing babies to different textures helps develop their tactile sense and encourages the development of fine motor skills. The Gymini’s satin ribbons, plush cloud, crinkly flaps and other elements enrich baby’s tactile experience and help practice various types of grasping.
4-6 M

When baby is older, it's time to go on exploring the playmat's various features in a more sophisticated way. As their understanding of cause and effect takes shape, they begin to realize that they have control and can actually make things happen.The Gymini’s musical hedgehog toy offers babies an excellent opportunity to further their understanding of cause and effect. Tapping the toy and attempting to prompt the music feedback supports this cognitive understanding.



Modes of Use