Oeuf Universal Trundle Mattress


Regular price $320.00

Special Size Mattress for All Oeuf Trundle Beds(Perch, River, Sparrow).

The trundle mattress will give your overnight guests a comfortable nights sleep on the trundle bed. Made from lightweight but durable medium-density foam with a firmer base foam layer for added support. It's non-allergenic and safe. The mattress is covered in quilted ORGANIC cotton fabric with a cloth binding. Made in the USA.



How to Unbox Your Mattress 

1: Open the box.

2: Keeping the mattress wrapped, slide it onto the surface of your bed frame.

3: Proceed with caution! Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut the layers of plastic, being careful not to cut into your mattress.

4: Unroll your mattress and position in your trundle bed.

Instantly the mattress will begin to expand, decompress and fill with air.


We recommend giving your mattress a full 24 hours to fully decompress before sleeping on it.



69"L x 38"W x 4 1/2"H (US & Canada only)