Hide & Seek Bedtime Snuggle Monster


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Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime is a nighttime storybook, lovable plush sleep companion and a shared family game all in one. Turn the fear and fuss of bedtime into fascination and friendship with a fun new bedtime routine your kids will love. Each night before bedtime, hide your child’s Snuggle Monster somewhere in the bedroom. Get creative! When it’s time to calm down, read the Snuggle Monster story together, reminding your kids that Snuggle Monsters are afraid of light but great pals in the dark. Once you’re done reading, it’s time for your children to find their hidden Snuggle Monster. And once they’ve found it, it’s time to tuck in together and go to sleep. Pretty soon, they’ll be wondering, “Where’s my Snuggle Monster tonight?” Say goodbye to bedtime resistance as your child eagerly welcomes a new nighttime ritual. Make bedtime a shared adventure, and rest easy knowing your snuggle monsters have a Snuggle Monster of their own.