4moms Connect High Chair


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Mealtime is the perfect place to connect as a new family. The 4moms® Connect High Chair™ allows newborns to stay safely elevated and engaged during family mealtime moments. The high chair’s seat easily reclines to safely support newborns. The adjustable features seamlessly adapt with your little one as they grow, so they’ll always have a seat at the table. 

The 4moms® Connect High Chair™ is also built to give parents an extra hand – literally. Featuring a one-handed tray attach, the high chair uses magnets to smoothly guide the tray into place, creating a secure attachment that keeps baby safe and comfortable. Easy to clean with a removable, foam seat insert and dishwasher-safe tray liner, this will be the only high chair you and your little one will ever need.

high chair with magnetic tray
One-Handed Magnetic Tray Attachment
One-handed tray connects securely and effortlessly
adjustable high chair
Adjustable Recline
Recline supports your newborn so they stay connected during mealtime
high chair that grows with baby
Convert to Toddler Chair
Removable crotch post gives your growing toddler more room
high chair adjustable height
Adjustable Height
Three height positions
easy to clean high chair
Easy to Clean

Mealtime messes are easy to clean with a removable insert and dishwasher safe tray liner


Adjustable Features that Grow with Your Little One

Adjustable recline and the 3-point harness support your newborn so they can stay engaged during mealtime moments, up to 25lbs or 6 months.

When your little one can sit up unassisted, it's time to sit upright using the 5-point harness, up to 40 lbs or 36 months.


When your child has reached the age of 36 months and is able to sit unrestrained safely on their own in the 4moms® Connect High Chair™, remove the crotch post, harness, and tray up to 60lbs or 60 months old.


Feature Details
  • One-handed magnetic tray attachment
  • Adjustable recline to keep newborns connected during mealtime activities
  • Removable crotch post for use as a toddler chair
  • 3 height positions
  • 3 tray positions
  • 5-point harness, convertible to 3-point when necessary
  • Easy to clean, removable foam insert
  • Removable, top rack dishwasher safe tray liner
Age & Weight Limit
STAGE ONE Discontinue stage one use when child can sit up unassisted or when either of the following are met:
Maximum Weight: 25 lbs / 11.3 kg

Maximum Age: 6 months

STAGE TWO Only begin using stage two when child is capable of sitting up unassisted. Discontinue stage two use when either of the following are met:
Maximum Weight: 40 lbs / 18 kg

Maximum Age: 36 months

STAGE THREE Only begin using stage three when child has reached the age of 36 months and is able to sit unrestrained safely on their own in the 4moms connect high chair. Discontinue stage three use when either of the following are met:
Maximum Weight: 60 lbs / 27 kg

Maximum Age: 60 months

High Chair Fully Extended Measures: 37”H from the highest point on the back of the seat, to the floor
Middle Position Measures: 35.25”
Lowest Position Measures: 33.25”

Three Corresponding Tray Heights: 30.75”, 29.25” and 27”


18 lbs 

Fabric Care

Removable, foam insert is easy to wipe clean

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