Triple Fun Life in the Amazon Activity Center


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Beyond their wildest dreams...

The Animal Planet and Life in the Amazon activity centers are teeming with colorful toys that promote mental and physical stimulation. The Animal Planet and Life in the Amazon both include an infant playmat, and an activity center that converts to an activity table providing your child years of fun. Packed with color characters and Take With Me™ toys, this ExerSaucer offers your child a fun place to let their imagination run wild. |Evenflo partnered with the Child Development Institute, to develop ExerSaucer activities that engage a baby's senses, spark imagination and encourage interaction. For over twenty years, ExerSaucer activity centers have helped children develop their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, object exploration, cause/effect learning, self-awareness, tactile development, visual development, object permanence and hand-eye coordination. Give your baby an ExersAwesome head start.

Child Specs


  •  Age: playmat-age


  •  Age: activity-center-age
  •  Maturity: activity-center-maturity


  •  Age: actvity-table-age


  •  Height: Discontinue use if child is 30” (76 cm) tall;
  •  Maturity: Discontinue use if child can walk, stand flat-footed in the ExerSaucer in the highest adjustment level or climb out of the product.

Product & Shipping Specs

  •  Dimensions: 30" W x 25" D x 30" H inches
  •  Product Weight: 13.28 lbs. (6 kg)