Domino 3 Drawer Dresser


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White and Natural

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47.25" x 18.90” x 33.90”

The domino dresser presents a familiar product, but its design makes us feel like it is something we have never seen before. With proper planning, uncompromising design and a lot of daring, you can also turn the most banal thing into a unique item that will upgrade your nursery.

  • The dresser is designed in a clean look with 3 large drawers.
  • Asymmetrically shaped dresser legs give a different and interesting look.
  • A changing table topper can be added.
  • The dresser is from the ""Raw Materials"" collection and has functional division
  • The dresser has a system of ultra-quiet quality rails.
  • Full Stability: Forged steel bar to strengthen the dresser structure long-term
  • The dresser legs are made of beech wood
  • The dresser complies with Bureau Veritas Standards.

Warranty: 1 year from the date of installation according to the warranty conditions and instructions for use.