Boston 5 Drawer Dresser


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The Boston dresser was inspired by the element Air - the elusive and abstract of the four elements. We cannot walk on it, catch it or touch it, and in fact, we cannot even see it. Also, the dresser is designed in light, calm shades and delicate materials.

  • The top row drawers are divided into 3 drawers which allow the equipment to be arranged in a neat and comfortable manner.
  • The dresser legs give a complete look to a dresser that combines white and gray colors.
  • You can add a changing table topper to protect your baby.
  • The drawers are 15.6 inches deep and allow for full arrangement.
  • High quality and strong (including the interior of the drawers)
  • Finish: Protective Gloss includes styled wooden legs
  • The dresser has a system of ultra-quiet quality rails.
  • Full Stability: Forged steel bar to strengthen the dresser structure long-term
  • The dresser legs are made of beech wood
  • The dresser complies with Bureau Veritas Standards.

Warranty: 1 year from the date of installation according to the warranty conditions and instructions for use.

47.25" L x 18.90"W x 33.80"H